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Theory 的第一个作业,要求对尼采的格言进行扩充。

  • Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule. (Nietzsche (1886) Beyond Good and Evil trans. Helen Zimmern “CHAPTER IV. APOPHTHEGMS AND INTERLUDES” 156)

  • To form any kind of community, one must genuinely share morality with others; the cruel irony against one's nature, the life-long effort to bury one's instincts, and the blind obedience to what others respect. What is insane to outsiders actually connects people in a community. (Analysis)

  • A community is only as stable as how insane the common values are, and how blind the people inside it are. (Conclusion)



有空的时候我会写几篇blog来阐述相关的几个观点。这学期上 Theory 研究尼采实在是收获良多。

P.S 本篇引用了我的课程作业,故本人保留一切权利。Due to the quoting of my course work, all rights reserved.

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